About Me

Personal Trainer and founder of First Step Fitness, Sarah Wilson, has attained a credible reputation within the PT field. Her qualifications include certificate 3 and 4 in fitness; level 1 boxing coach accreditation; certifications in kettle bell instructing, suspension training, mobility training, barbell training and nutrition coaching.

Her diverse knowledge and expertise enable her to create well-rounded programs which simultaneously address all areas of health and fitness. Before beginning her First Step journey at the end of 2018, Sarah refined her coaching abilities through working with Boxing Australia. It was during this stage of her career that she developed the desire to improve the quality of life of those around her in attempt to combat Sedentary Death Syndrome, and other problems which stem from physical inactivity. The overarching goal is to help people maintain a lifestyle which they enjoy, which is why the service caters to people of all fitness levels.

  • Performance

  • Strength

  • Conditioning

  • Rehabilitation

  • Weight Loss

Sarah believes that even those who consider themselves novice trainers have the power to unlock new potential with an improved mindset. Even the smallest of milestones are celebrated at first step, and the reward for Sarah is the privilege of taking part in another persons journey. With experience in professional training, Sarah is also capable of improving the skills and abilities of high-performance athletes through full-scope training programs. Returning to good health post-injury is equally as formidable, so don’t be afraid to take that first step and begin your journey to wellness!

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