General PT


At First Step, our general personal training sessions cover the full-scope of health and fitness—with a rewarding outcome for both parties. We take a holistic approach to train and educate our clients for efficient, long-term development. To cater to individual needs, we begin all of our training arrangements with a full goal-setting consultation where we take the time to get to know you, and your body. We set realistic goals and celebrate even the smallest of milestones right beside you. The program is collaboratively devised to suit your lifestyle, budget and desired outcome. You’ll find that no two sessions are the same, and while our training is tough,the ultimate goal is to get you sweating with a smile.

First Step Fitness is all about creating opportunity for change, no matter where you’re starting from. Sarah’s goal is to help people discover what their bodies are capable of. Whether you’re looking to restore your figure post-birth, rehabilitate after an injury, reach your ideal weight or simply start taking heath and fitness more seriously—there are absolutely no limitations with our all-inclusive programs! Beginner, intermediate and advanced training regimes have all returned excellent results for our existing clients, so join the team and explore your potential. Restore your quality of life and get moving with Sarah at First Step today!


1 on 1

Our 1 on 1 programs are 100% individual oriented, allowing Sarah to watch over your technique and development during sessions. This form of training is great for rapport building and enables better focus for those who seek fast-results. Become your own biggest motivator and give these sessions a go!

2 on 1

The 2 on 1 alternative is a great option for people who share similar fitness goals. Pairs will take part in partner-based activities which exercise good communication, as well as your fitness abilities. This system works great for people who find comfort in moral support.

Boot Camps

First Step Fitness hold monthly bootcamps or those looking to add more excitement to their routine! While they’re designed to challenge contenders, these sessions are very team-oriented and rewarding. Exercises are flexible to accommodate people of all fitness levels, and there’s a good variation oftechniques to ensure every part of the body gets a workout.

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